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debt market

How did we manage to create an easy and intuitive interface of 1688 A4 sheets?


As a result of a huge amount of work, we managed to form
all of the ideas and thoughts at the cost of the following efforts
Infoportal сo-founder
Hello guys, I want to create a media site that will
collect the target audience of the debt collection
market in one place, because there will be only
relevant information selected by experts displayed
If you cannot grok the overall structure of the program while taking a shower, you are not ready to implement it.
Richard Pattis
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Andrew Dopilko
Co-founder of
"Great, Aleksey. I like the idea. Let’s discuss our thoughts
step by step and lay them out in the documentation on
the basis of which the team will evaluate the project so
that we can proceed to the stage of portal design."


The development of a complex interface begins with the arrangement of each element in its own place.

Ease of perception

For convenient user interaction with the information on the website, we were able to design the blocks of the portal of the same style for the three different categories, regardless of content, including News, Directory and Blog.

Focus on the most important

We divided the blocks of information proportionally into 2/3 and 1/3 of the screen so that the portal user could concentrate on the main, selected content, but will always have the opportunity to open the additional information.


Splitting the working area of the portal structure 1280 px into 14 columns is most suitable, as it well divides elements into multiples of 2. In fact, the columns are added or decreased for each individual permission.
On average, our team developed and tested
about 80 page prototypes


Creating the product, we evaluated its importance for each of the user roles that we identified in the project.


Plays the role of mediator bringing companies together with their buyers, creating value for both parts and making the profit from their further promotion.


It does not matter whether the portal is for a fee or free, the enterprise can easily declare itself, find customers and, accordingly, make profit by promoting its services.


Receive more than 1000 pages of useful and free information that will help them improve their own knowledge of the debt collection market.


After approving the concept of the website structure, we have begun to implement it.


User can create news here about his or her company or events which occur in the market of debt collection, share the experience, both by declaring himself and helping others develop their professional skills.

Card structure

Are you tired of the current content? The portal provides a constant opportunity to switch to another, more interesting section of information for you at any time and in any place.

Catalogue of values

Allows you to create pages for companies, suppliers or associations. To inform about the events that they create. To specify the categories in which they will be looking for users. Also, to separate the pages according to specified portal characteristics.

Category separation

Selecting the key types of catalogue items, we set each of them a value, according to which the user will have quick access to the information that he is looking for.


The user adds important news to return to it any time he needs, while notifications inform him of the target portal updates.

Exclusive profile

The portal presents the professional data of the client with a view to operatively reducing employers to experts in their field in a narrow collection market for overdue debts.


Restrained, strict, structured

Azure blue

Main color of the website
* Used for buttons, links, arrows, hovers etc.

Business coloristics

Blue is the most relevant color in the business. It creates trust, feelings of loyalty, reliability and responsibility. At the same time, it is associated with predictability and conservatism.

Carbon black

Main color of the text
* Used for text and headings.

Pearl white

Main background color
* Used for the background for all pages of the website

Roboto Light

The font is fully developed inside the Google incorporation by interface designer Christian Robertson.
Google Fonts
  • Cards organization

    Each card is filled with unique content
  • Shaped illustrations

    Icons are clearly displayed on any of trend devices
  • Google typography

    The fonts are readable in any of modern browsers
  • Ease of interaction

    Smooth animation increases usability by several times


Over the past year the website has managed to collect in one place a large number of like-minded people within the narrow debt collection industry
website visits per year
repeated visits


Target audience separation by age
18-24 y.o.
25-34 y.o.
35-44 y.o.
45-54 y.o.
55-64 y.o.
65+ y.o.
1:53 min.
Average time of users’ stay
on the infoportal

Monetization of convenience

Quality supply of selected content allowed each user to dive into the infoportal and raise his average rate of staying on the website to record 1:53 minutes.
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