Absolutely new wrappage of the expert center №1 in the CIS
Challange 01
Entire training system structure creation
Hierarchy prototyping

We managed to divide the company's service line
into 9 main categories, each of which had its unique
value both from the point of view of managing it on
the website and also for the quality of its submission
for the visitors.

Dina, ceo and
co-founder of “D.A.Collection
Structure 02
A hierarchy based on the priority of each service
ANDEW Dopilko
business developer of “dops.digital
84 hours of prototyping development
36 hours was spent on it’s testing
257 bugs fixed during the
prototypes testing period
12 people were involved
in prototypes testing
42 prototype
Design 03
Wrappage is as important as the product. Sometimes even more important.
Home page
Effective solution

In order to increase the corporate website sales in general,
we have decided to present its sections in the form of
landing pages with an emphasis on the unique selling
proposition of each of the services.

The structure of the site should be
flexible due to the market instability
Practical conception

Trend "hamburger" menu with convenient navigation,
enhanced by unique icons - allows you to switch
between sections of the site and at the same time
without affecting its scale and structure.

Data visualization
Data visualization

With the pixel measured materials we have turned
boring infographics into a fascinating presentation
of the company's experience statistics, which in
aggregate can be measured by such figures:

Multilevel scripts

As a result of SWAT analysis of each of the services,
we identified the market advantages of the product
than the set of proposals for the DA Collection
company, from which it is difficult to refuse.

Professional testing

Competent allocation of the key roles of buyers allowed
us to put together an offer for each of the categories
of the target audience in the market and thereby get
its maximum coverage.

Daniel Korenowskiy
product developer of “dops.digital
Comprehensive education

To display the level of expertise to website visitors,
we collected and broken down by categories the
most useful information that D.A. Collection
can share for free with its customers.

Details 04
Small details leave a great impression
Caribbean Blue
Midnight Blue
Clouded Grey
Color spectrum

Colors set the correct tone of the website by giving
the necessary emotions to its visitors. They are
one of the key elements of stimulating
the client to the target action.

Aa Бб Вв Гг
Font used:
Museo Sans

The Google Font API gives us the ability
not to depend on the screen resolutions of
the user by clearly displaying fonts on all
devices and in the most modern browsers.

Statistics 05
The one who has the best information succeeds more than others
unique new visitors 229,832
left applications 18,570
sold courses 1954

What did the analytics show us?
As a result, despite the specifics of the debt collection market, we
were able to double the avarage website conversion of the year
Avarage conversion increased by 8,08%

clients left order
people visited website
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