How to convert the most popular media platform into
sales of a new effective commercial online platform.
Main aim of the project 01. challenge
We begin with defining the goals and tasks of the future webstore.
How to turn Instagram followers
into potential buyers:
Website visitors from Instagram : 25 000
Purchases : 1500
CEO of Bolo Cases
We have the most popular Instagram page of smartphone cases in Ukraine.
That is why the main goal of the new online store is simple: to
turn Instagram application relevant audience into potential
buyers of Bolo Cases E-commerce Store.
Step-by-step flow 02. use cases
Now it’s time to create user workflow logic.
step 1
step 2
step 1
step 2
User flow prototyping

Having gone through all of the options of interface usage,
we were able to acquire the accuracy with which we
have highlighted only the necessary information to
influences the decision of making the purchase.

interface cleanliness 03. visualization
Platform design with a focus on the exact product.
Navigation accessibility

Due to a comfortable interface navigation user
has the opportunity to see the exact place where
he is at any time and choose any other section on
the website that he is interested at the moment.

Filters personalization

We have gathered together and prioritized all of the
most often used categories of the old website and
have added the ability to choose each of them
eventually creating their own unique offer.

CEO of Bolo Cases

Great, because the main mistake of the old online
store lies in the absence of a convenient choice of goods
due to a limited step-by-step filtering. But such a flexible
solution as you suggest now will correct the current
problem once and for all.

card system approach
Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.
Product’s sophistication focus

We have cleared the interface of all unnecessary
elements, aiming user's attention on the product
in combination with simple and understandable
solutions in the form of active color illustrations.

Delivery method
Data for delivery
Usefulness of simplicity

Analogically, we left only necessary information,
which does not distract users on their way of
making a purchase in order to reduce the level
of refuses at the final order placing stage.

two main user Portraits
05. characters
Based on the statistics of the old site, we identified 2 key users of the future website.
Maria, 23 years old

Is a creative young woman who prefers
active rest with friends, a healthy way of
life, loves unique products, unforgettable
emotions which she wants to share with
her friends and acquaintances.

Mobile user

Maria usually visits the website using her smartphone

  • Tablet : 10%
  • Desktop : 20%
  • Mobile : 70%
Target audience

Having formed the target personalities of buyers,
we have achieved the exact features and purposes
of creating an interface with an emphasis on mobile
users of the Bolo Cases online store.

Serhiy, 25 years old

Is a well-off person who has a stable job,
likes to share with emotions to his family
and friends, that's why he values the product
uniqueness, and also pays attention to details
of its quality and price ratio.

Computers are still trendy

Despite the majority of visits are from
the Instagram page, we could not ignore
computer visitors, considering full target
audience of the online webstore.

Desktop user

Serhiy mostly uses stationary PC.

  • Tablet : 10%
  • Desktop : 85%
  • Mobile : 15%
interface adaptation 06. responsiveness
Having studied the target audience, we paid special attention to mobile version of website.
One object focusing

From the beginning, we formed the card interface
so that the mobile version could fit in one block of
information and at the same time would always
have access to additional elements.

Compact solutions

Due to the side elements, the platform
responds to both vertical scroll and horizontal
swype, making the necessary content as much
accessible to the client as possible.


Intuitive & clear


Smooth & pure

fonts & colors
07. stylistics
Focusing on the ease perception of the site, we managed to achieve the perfection of each detail.
o s c o p n h j u z f y
pf din text pro
Thin combination

Combining the PF DIN font of the
German Institute of Standardization
in 1936 with the modern Google
Roboto Family, we managed to get
a light combination of clarity and

Menthol accents
They were used for clickable
elements that lead to a
specific target action.
Silk background
Set for easy perception of all information
on the website, as well as strengthening
the card structure of the online store.
Midnight text
Created for maximum contrast and
readability of information on the website,
even under poor lighting conditions.
Color solutions

The combination of one color is allowing to create a minimal
emphasis on active elements, while a light background with
a midnight text added ease and readability of information.

video presentation
08. introduction
Feel the atmosphere of the project by watching the its presentation.
platform measures
09. scale
By keeping the purity of the project, we managed to put a large amount of information into it.
Quick 1 click order

When you move the cursor over the case in
the product’s card, or when you click on it in
the mobile version, you always have access
to a quick view of its features and buy it.

user tests
digital sales funnel
10. efficiency
It is necessary to create not only projects, but effective solutions.

This is a simplified version of the digital sales funnel.
In more detailed versions, there are more than 50 steps

Action in Instagram

The user likes, comments or
shares photos in Instagram
with a case that he liked.

Repeated purchases

But this is not all – instead of the usual form
of gratitude for the purchase, the customer
receives a 30% discount on the next one.

Price offer

The CRM system automatically sends
the offer of similar cases to the client
with transition to online webstore.

Product upsells

After adding the cases to a shopping cart,
the visitor has the opportunity to buy related
products, for example, protective glass

Online purchasing

After selecting the target case, the user
adds it to the shopping cart, which confirms
his willingness to make a purchase

Promotion 1 + 1 = 3

While the user is adding goods to the
basket, the store offers to buy 1 more
cover and get the third one – for free.

step 1
step 2
step 3
step 4
step 5
step 6
Automated sales cycle system

Due to the introduction of the cyclical sales funnel,
our joint solutions have not only created the site,
but also an effective cyclical sales platform,
which requires a minimum amount of effort
of the Bolo Store company's employees.

First quarter statistics
The scale of the taken decisions and their result in the first three months.
Number of purchases from Instagram: +24%
Value which higher than the price

Having created value for the user, offering him a targeted offer instantly, our company managed to raise Bolo Cases business to such level
that it became possible to raise the quality of customer service step by step and, accordingly, the marginality and price of products.

New Purchases
Instagram Purchases
Repeated Purchases
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