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Boston search platform
for events & restaurants
How to customize your search request into the most relevant place solution in your city.
Why Bar Frogs is more useful than Google Maps and Facebook Events?

Both of these popular platforms are seem to be user-friendly but each of them uses the only
search request to find places which you are looking for.

The idea of the platform 01
Is to gather your experience by choosing the place with the most relevant activities to you
Today I want ...
Customize activities by which you want to create your experience
Now the challange is to combine this idea into interface which
user will be motivated to use every day because our competitors
are very strong on the market and their interface is tested on
billions of users which feel their services are user-friendly.
Aaron Paradis
CEO of Bar Frogs
Global market target

We aim to create interface so clean and gorgeous
for a user to amaze him / her at first sight and, on
the other hand, to be convenient to use every day.

Structure conception 02
We minimized elements as much as we could to show only the necessary information.
Instructive content approach

Using relevant pictures with infographics we are trying to help
a user find the restaurant he is looking for not only with the minimum
amount of clicks, but with the least time spent on interface concentration.

Restaurant social media platform

To let a user stay longer on Bar Frogs website, we have created not only a search platform
, but also a conversation tool about food, restaurants and events in the city of Boston.

Restaurants unique introduction

Helping a user to easily define his favourite restaurant we use color gradient
which is created using branded color from the most relevant
restaurant picture of the preview.

293 Hours spent
on design
Mobile website or iOS Application? 03
After creating website’s interface - we wondered which solution will be more suitable for Bar Frogs.
If we want to let clients of Bar Frogs use the platform more often:
then we should create the Application because they will always
see its icon on smartphone menu rather than enter the website
address every time or use favourite bookmarks.
Daniel Korenowskiy
Art-director of dops.digital
Responsive website
Designed for Web browser
iOS Application
Designed for Apple Store
Relevant Bars Page

Allows a user to easily contact or navigate the closest
restaurant according the activities he is looking for at the
moment no matter whether it is a map or locations list .

Closest Events Page

To date, the application has shown the latest
events to the farthest with comfortable activity
filters on top menu of phone interface as well.

Open Bar Page

Bar Page is intergrated automatically with its events and alllows showing
the most usefull information about the location which Google or Facebook does
not show at all but, which is also neccessary according to clients’ feedback.

Statistics taken from this site : www.gs.statcounter.com

Mobile users

More than 50% of users use smartphones
all around the world rather than other devices.

Mobile devices have become an integral part of our daily
lives. We use them at work, at home and everywhere in
between to stay connected to the world around us. And
while the desktop computer is far from dead,
mobile-only usage is on the rise.

Fonts & Colors
Each product uniqeness consists of details
Web platform
Source Sans
regular & bold examples
Why so much attention is paid?
ios application
Avenir Next
regular & bold examples
Why so much attention is paid?
copyright , read elements
Darkness Black
active elements, accents
Frog Green
backgrounds, static elements
Chrome White
Beautifully detailed stylistics are not enough to create a perfect product.

That’s why we always aim our estheticism at functionality
by assigning it to the main interface principle.

Card system
The main approach for huge web-platforms
article card
BAR page card
article card
Step-by-step content introduction

To show for user huge amount of information, first of all
we need to present just a little portions of it only with the
most informative and useful content about this page.

Now it’s easy to filter bar or restaurant by price
range of a menu which is the most suitable for you

Efficiency measures
To calculate the statistics we have created private office for each bar
Online private office

If you are a manager, now it’s easy for you to create bars, events,
set your company account and watch statistics as well to become
more effective and attract more unique clients for your business.

01 edit your bars easily
02 Manage & add events
03 watch Weekly stats
Instructive statistics charts

To put value into the project not only for users, but for companies,
we created informative infographic solutions which measure
efficiency of each implemented action by company.

adaptive widget

The information displaying through iOS Application
is as easy to manage and use as to web-platform.

Project summary
Now it’s time to sum up results of the project.
More then 700 work hours

To make main project idea become reality we
have spent enough effort to call it a big one.

More than 100 pages of interface layout

To create from scratch both mobile and web interface, we have
counted more than 100 different interface layout pages.

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